Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The little things

I've been studying abroad in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan for about 4 months now and have had many wonderful experiences. I plan on sharing those in the future but for this post I want to write about something that's been happening recently. For the past week our dorm building's boiler has been broken, which means no hot water. This has been a problem since showering in freezing cold water doesn't sound appealing to me and my dorm mates. There are other options available of course, it's not like we have to shower in the cold water, about half of the residents belong to a gym so they've been showering there and the other half have been going to onsens (public bath houses). I do not belong to a gym nor am I comfortable enough to go to the onsen. My solution to this problem is that I've been heating up water in huge pots and carrying it to my bathtub in my room. I've noticed that these baths feel a million times better than others I've taken. I'm guessing it's because I did more than turn on the faucet. My situation could be much worse, I'm not complaining at all, I've just realized this past week that you really shouldn't take the little things for granted. It could be worse.

These are the pots I used, I had to make about 8 trips each.