Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Helping Hand

In this blog I wanted to share something that happened a couple weeks into my stay in Kofu that meant a lot to me, Just to give a little background information, there's a grocery store that's located just about a mile from my dorm that I go to often. The major difference between this and any other grocery store that I've been to is that they don't give you plastic bags, you have to provide your own. I made a trip a couple weeks into my stay here and when I was done shopping I realized that I didn't bring any bags with me. The only one I had was from the dollar store that I had just went to. I tried fitting most of what I could in that and then had my arms full with the rest.
I didn't have my bike at this time so I had to walk all the way home awkwardly trying to not drop anything. The bag was pretty heavy since I tried to fit all that I could into it, I probably didn't look like I was having the best of times since I was still trying to get used to my life in Kofu. I was stopped about two blocks away from the store by an elderly lady. I couldn't fully understand what she was saying but she pulled out a couple plastic bags from her purse she had and handed them to me. This was a simple act of kindness but it meant the world to me at that time. I thanked her over and over again trying to hold back tears. This is one of the many examples of the kindness that I've encountered throughout my stay in Japan.