Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Use Your Manure

This morning started by visiting the 5th and 6th graders again. We discussed the questions they had from yesterday but went more in depth with fertilizer and rabbits. We showed them how you can use manure, plant material but more so the sugarcane remains called bagaz and compost and how it is a good fertilizer source to the crops and the soil.

Animal raising is a very well known agriculture production practice here in Haiti. The only thing is that it is much different then how we do it in the United States. Two students today, one of them being myself discussed hog production and dairy goat production practices used in the United States. It was very informational because us teaching them  also gave the opportunity to learn more about how they raise these animals in there own country. Lots of questions were answered by us and the students. After the discussion they thanked us and we're very grateful for what we were doing to help them learn of what is possible for agricultural practices here that they can improve on and we were even grateful that we were able to make discussions and share ideas in production practices.

Next was a little bit of time spent teaching English to the third graders. We taught them some colors and walked them around outside asking them what objects were and how to say it in English and even what color the objects were. We even asked a few students what the word was in Kreyol. 

The campus has got a few goats. They showed us what they do with the goats and we even got to pick up them and hold them and pet them. They told us a way to preg check is they hold the mouth and nose shut and when they start shaking there leg then let go and if they pee then they are considered pregnant. 

After playing with the goats we got to walk on a hike to the bat caves up a mountain. Only a few of us though decided to walk farther into the cave and do some rock wall climbing to a different exit farther up the mountain. It was a very long walk where we saw a lot of bats in the caves and different places that voodoo drawings were drawn at. The hike was a short 4 miles there and back but it was a good workout to help work off my winter fat.

To end our day, we went to a church service. People from all over the town walk to church no matter what day. Religion is a big part in Haiti and they come to sing and pray and have a good time. 

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