Thursday, March 31, 2016

STUDY ABROAD IN COSTA RICA 3 ( weekend in Nicaragua).

View from the hotel I stayed in Granada

Pictures with some street performers.

Inside and view from the prison.

                                         I learned a lot about pottery then made one with the help of an employee.

The first picture is La Sombra de Sandino ( The shadow of Sandino overlooks Nicaragua from the site of his 1934 assassination)
The second Image is La antigua Catedral de Managua (Old Cathedral of Managua)

                                         Tour of Managua using horse carriage

                                              MASAYA VOLCANO
The food there was delicious, and there was a large variety. It depends on the province what kind of food you eat, and my hotel was near a market which allowed me to try a lot of different types of food.

The first one is called pebre (Skin of pig's head). It was in the fridge for a while, I had to microwave it to make soupy.
The second one is called sopa de mondogo ( made from the stomach of a cow, slowly cooked with different vegetables).

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